Package Travel Regulations – 2018 Legislation

You have the right to expect the package holiday you paid for. If we fail to provide that we are responsible for putting this right.

What is a Package?

A package holiday consists of 2 or more elements. For example, Accommodation & Tennis, but not limited to this.

What is not a Package?

A trip is not classed as a ‘package’ if it contains a singular item. For Example, Tennis only or Accommodation only.

What if something goes Wrong?

Should something go not according to plan with your trip – for example, room give to you was not the one advertised, and booked or an injury or illness caused by a company, then it is our responsibility to put things right. You must inform us immediately so we can resolve this issue.

We have a duty to:

Give you information about health services, local authorities or consular assistance, Help you make long distance calls or other forms of contact so you can find other travel arrangements.

We can charge a fee for helping you if the difficulty was caused by something you did or your own negligence, but the fee must not be unreasonable or not exceed the actual costs incurred by the organiser.

However, if we can prove that something went wrong because of something you or a company totally unconnected to the package arranged by us, or there were unforeseeable or extraordinary circumstances, then we may not have to pay out compensation.

What if we change your Package?

After departure, if a significant part of the services contracted for is not provided, or we become aware that they will be unable to procure a significant proportion of them we must:

Make suitable alternative arrangements, at no extra cost to you, for the continuation of the package and will, where appropriate, compensate you for the difference between the services to be supplied under the contract and those actually supplied.

Should it impossible to make alternative arrangements, or these are rejected by you for good reason, then we will, where appropriate, provide you with equivalent transport back to the place of departure or to another place to which you have agreed, and will where appropriate, compensate you.

Can you cancel your Package Holiday?

If any essential part of your package holiday is changed significantly, except the price, you can cancel without paying termination fees. An essential part of the package could be any one of the following:

  • the precise accommodation, standard of accommodation and accommodation facilities
  • the type and standard of transport
  • the place of departure and destination
  • any facility or service advertised or promoted as forming a part of the package

If you want to cancel for any other reason, you can terminate the contract but you’ll lose an amount based on our Terms & Conditions.

What if we go bust?

Financial Failure Insurance (FFI)

You are fully insured for the initial deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid as detailed in your booking confirmation form if in the unlikely event of us becoming insolvent.