Fascinating, vast and varied is what best describes this captivating and unique country. One of the world’s oldest and most prevailing cultures, China’s history of civilisation unfolds back over 4,000 years and boasts an incredible cultural wealth and historic wonders.

And referring to China, The Great Wall of China, is the first wonder that comes to mind, and rightly so. Extending over 4,000 miles through mountains and forests, it is one of the most iconic and renowned sites of China’s glorious past, along with the world’s largest palace complex, the Forbidden City, and of course the 8,000 warriors of the Terracotta Army.

China is home to magnificent natural wonders and diverse landscapes complimenting is its rich cultural history. Stand in awe at the imposing beauty of the Three Gorges on Yangtze River and its soaring cliffs, enjoy the unwavering charm of local villages where despite modernisation, times stands still and the old way of life continues times stands still, in century old traditions and customs.





Chengdu is home to China’s most celebrated bear, the sweet, darling panda, getting close to this adorable bear is not always easy, but when you do, it’s an absolute delight.

Innovative metropolises, from Beijing’s Great Wall to glittering Shanghai and its leading-edge architectural marvels, to the lush and tranquil landscapes of Li River, and the diversity of culinary traditions, China’s vastness in natural and cultural wealth will continues to fascinate and amaze.

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China Tennis Break 09 October 2024

China Tennis Break 09 October 2024

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China Tennis Break 13 November 2024